Taco & Tortilla Set
Taco & Tortilla Set

Taco & Tortilla Set

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Taco & Tortilla Set
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Create pretend play tacos  burritos  fajitas  and more! Choose play food ingredients  pretend to grill sliceable wooden ingredients on the skillet  fill a felt tortilla or a durable hard taco shell  and serve with a choice of play toppings! The 43-piece set includes three reusable  double-sided menu and recipe cards  and a wooden knife and spoon. Fun play food sides  fillings  and toppings include sliceable proteins and vegetables  felt rice  beans  cheese  and crema  a hot sauce bottle  and a salsa bottle that 'squirts' string. Kids three and older will love choosing  chopping  grilling  and filling to create play versions of some of their favorite meals!

43-piece Mexican/Tex-Mex play food and skillet set for making tacos  burritos  fajitas  and more with a durable hard taco shell and felt tortilla with self-stick tabs
Chop wooden food pieces with self-stick tabs using wooden knife (chicken  beef  shrimp  tomato  avocado  pepper  onion)
Felt food pieces include crema in a tub with lid  pinto beans in a can with lid  shredded cheese in a pouch  yellow rice in a box  salsa in a string-squirting bottle; also includes wooden hot sauce bottle
Stir on skillet with wooden spoon; produce stores in hinged container; reusable double-sided menu/recipe cards on a ring