Beer Lovers Cookbook

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Beer Lovers Cookbook

Have Your Beer, And Eat It Too! A favorite brewski adds zest and flavor to almost any dish. The best part is that there are very few rules you have to follow. Even the most novice chefs can turn their meals and parties into celebratory brewfests. With more than 300 recipes, this is your loyal kitchen companion, and your secret weapon to throwing the ultimate bash. You'll also find more than 150 chuggers, chasers, shots, punches, and other drink recipes. From the Buzzy Navel and Beertini to the Wild Turkey Chase and Burning Bush, this anthology of beer's greatest pairings is sure to leave you spinning for joy. "Do you love beer? I mean, do you really love beer? If that is the case, then you have to read this book... It's the most comprehensive and impressive cooking resource using beer as an ingredient." -Tailgating Ideas Blog "There's much to be admired (and by admired we mean ingested) within the pages of this new modern-day classic." ~Urban Daddy "Schlimm has compiled a defi nitive beer recipe sourcebook that will be appreciated by beer-lovers for years to come." -Publishers Weekly