Cessnas Sassy Salsa Medium Salsa

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Cessnas Sassy Salsa Medium Salsa
medium sassy salsa

Our Medium salsa delights customers who typically prefer their salsa on the “mild” side. Cessna’s Medium delivers a burst of fresh flavor thanks to early picking of the “State Pepper of Texas” (the Jalapeno) and a combination of ingredients that delivers flavorful zest and just a hint of warmth.



The story of our salsa’s growing success is a simple tale of family love that spans three generations and began when my grandfather taught my father how to make his special “barbeque sauce” more than sixty years ago. 
Thirty years later, he decided to turn that BBQ sauce into salsa. He spent countless hours in a small commercial kitchen in Marquez, Texas, experimenting with different peppers and fresh ingredients until he arrived at a bold, lively flavor that pleased him – and everyone who tried it.  He dubbed it “Cessna’s Sassy Salsa,” and embarked on a small but fast-growing business selling salsa -- practically door-to- door throughout our part of Texas. 

Today, Cessna’s Sassy Salsa uses the same small batch cooking methods Dad always used to ensure the perfect blend of fresh.  From our family to yours, we invite you to find your favorite among our six sassy salsas.  No matter which one becomes your favorite, you can be sure: there’s a whole lot of love in every jar. 

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