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Mason Jar

Mixing up some fun for your family and friends? Our 32oz. mason jar makes it easy to personalize your own cup of Hot Ruby. This packaging is great for small get-togethers and commercial uses. This drink can be paired with your favorite spirit to create a cocktail like you’ve never tasted. Hosting a party you hope to be a hit? Don't forget our gallon-sized jug of Hot Ruby. This larger portion is perfect for showers, weddings, parties, or in-store sampling. It is a simple and versatile choice sure to please any crowd. Our family is certain you'll find comfort in every heated or iced cup of Hot Ruby. Ruby loved God, family, friends, and gatherings including each of those! When entering her home, you could smell the Hot Ruby simmering on the stove and feel the love she had for all who entered. Now you can enjoy the same Hot Ruby that has been a tradition for Ruby’s family and friends. "Is Hot Ruby like other ciders?" Nope, there’s nothing like it on the shelf. Our beverage is cranberry based with hints of citrus. This recipe originated in the home of Ruby Faye 45 years ago where it was always served warm. Today, this drink is available in many stores and can be enjoyed not only warm, but over ice as well. For a special treat, add your favorite spirit or mixer. (But don't tell Ruby!) "What goes into a bottle of Hot Ruby?" When we say homemade, we mean it. Hot Ruby is made from fresh, natural ingredients using the same steps as Ruby Faye years ago. There are no artificial dyes or preservatives. Our drink requires more effort; more investment of our time. We’re ok with that. By the time Hot Ruby makes its way into your home, you know that it’s been made right here in the Lone Star State with fresh, high quality ingredients. As Seen on Trends & Friends