Cuddle Pig
Cuddle Pig

Cuddle Pig

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Cuddle Pig
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This soft and cozy oversized pal is just waiting to be cuddled! Squeezable and huggable  this sweet-faced pink pig with floppy ears  a curly tail  and velvety dark pink 'hooves' measures approximately 27.5 inches long by 10 inches high by 22 inches wide -- sized just right for big hugs from kids of all ages. Cuddle Pig comes with a sewn-on collar  a name tag to personalize  and a double-sided adoption certificate/care checklist and fun facts card. Kids will go 'hog wild' for Cuddle Pig!

Soft and cozy oversized pink plush pig  perfect for cuddling
Features include soft  floppy ears  curly tail  and velvety dark pink 'hooves'
Includes a sewn-on collar  name tag to personalize  double-sided card with adoption certificate  care checklist  and fun facts
Approx. 27.5' from snout to tail  10' from floor to top of head  and 22' wide
All ages
Spot clean with a damp cloth