Daisy Girl….Friend Doll
Daisy Girl….Friend Doll

Daisy Girl….Friend Doll

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Daisy Girl…Friend Doll
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Her best virtue is listening.  Darling Daisy Doll is a soft and loveable knit doll with adorable features. From her brunette hair to her adorable pink boots  she is perfect for a baby's first doll  a big sibling gift  or a special gift for any birthday or holiday.

Daisy features a kind smile on her embroidered face framed with warm chocolate ponytails and a cherry pink soft felt hat with a blue daisy on top! Daisy comes with a two-piece outfit in cheery cherry pink floral with a touch of mustard yellow and delightful polka dot bloomers. Soft and huggable body with grey and white knit stripe legs and arms are perfect for snuggling.

A sweet Hoppy bunny purse with a “Listening” tag serves as a reminder of her very best virtue. Sweet cherry pink vinyl boots featuring the carrot stamp of approval on the sole round out her outfit and are sure to be a favorite accessory!

Dress up your pretty girl with custom doll accessories!

Comes packaged on a cardboard chair for play and display

Doll Size: 15 Inches

Content: Cotton and Polyester  Vinyl Boots

Care: Spot Clean