Lifelike Plush Goat
Lifelike Plush Goat

Lifelike Plush Goat

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Lifelike Plush Goat
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No kid-ding around  this adorable goat will wander into any kid's heart! Its soft and pet-able white fur  scruffy beard  and adorable expression inspire goat-loads of cuddles. Detailed features include realistic eyes  droopy ears  pointy horns  and soft  split hooves. With excellent quality construction and a sturdy interior structure  this goat stands 22.5 inches tall and is ready to become part of any animal lover's tribe.

Standing stuffed plush lifelike goat
Realistic details like beard  eyes with horizontal pupils  a tufted tail  split hooves  an (soft) pointy horns
Soft and squeezable with sturdy interior structure; quality craftsmanship
Not intended as a seat or ride-on
Not intended to hold the weight of a child