Little Ree

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New York Times bestselling author, Food Network star, and The Pioneer Woman herself, Ree Drummond, b
Little Ree
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New York Times bestselling author  Food Network star  and The Pioneer Woman herself  Ree Drummond  brings us the first book in a brand-new picture book series! In Ree's own words: “I was all grown up when I moved out to the country. When I first arrived  I felt so out of place! But eventually  I looked around and discovered all the wonderful things about country life. So I decided to write a story about my experiences  as seen through the eyes of a little girl named Ree. 'Little Ree moves to the country and feels as scared and unsure as I was. But then she finds that if she sets her mind to it  being a country girl is a pretty cool thing. Come along on her adventures!” Little Ree trades in her city days for a country way of life when she moves with her family to her grandparentsÂ’ ranch. SheÂ’s excited to ride horses  swim in the pond  and help Grandma cook for everyone. But on her first day  she finds that living on a ranch can be tough. She has to get up at the crack of dawn  learn to herd cows  and make sure her horse  Pepper  doesnÂ’t eat everything in sight. And thatÂ’s all before breakfast! Will she ever get used to this new place? Luckily  the end of the day brings a big family barbecue...and the happy discovery that being a country girl isnÂ’t about the right pair of boots  itÂ’s all about the right attitude. With warmth  humor  and stories inspired by life on the ranch  Ree DrummondÂ’s picture book introduces us to a spunky new picture book star and treats us to a special pancake recipe at the end! Plus  don't miss Little Ree: Best Friends Forever!