Maritime Mates Boat Parade
Maritime Mates Boat Parade

Maritime Mates Boat Parade

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Maritime Mates Boat Parade
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These three cheerful  boat-shaped water toys are charting a course to bath- and pool-time fun! Link them in any order - sturdy plastic pegs connect each boat to the next with a simple snap. 'Maritime Mates' water toys and pool games feature cheerful characters to encourage beginning swimmers and lots of exciting games to keep big kids splashing  swimming and having a blast. Summer is even more fun with Sunny Patch pool toys! 3 boats each: 5.5' x 4' x 2.75'

Set of three linking boats for the bathtub or pool
Includes three colorful boats in adorable animal shapes: purple dolphin  red lobster  green whale.
Plastic pegs link the boats together in any combination.
Sturdy plastic construction
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Adult supervision required.