Non-Scratch Scrubbing Pad 2 CT
Non-Scratch Scrubbing Pad 2 CT

Non-Scratch Scrubbing Pad 2 CT

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Non-Scratch Scrubbing Pad 2 CT
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Includes two (2) Non-Scratch Scrubbing Pads - each 3.25' x 4.75'
Designed to fit the hand better for more efficient scrubbing
Whether for general cleaning  washing up the dishes  or scrubbing vegetables  this cloth will do it all.
Ideal for cleaning and removing stuck-on food  hardened messes  stubborn grease and grime
Has e-cloth's unique scrubbing surface on both sides
Can be used to remove stubborn grease and dirt from appliances  countertops  sinks  and more  without scratching the surface.
Suitable for washing and scrubbing vegetables
New Smaller  Two-Sided Scrubber for Pots  Pans  Dishes and Bathrooms
We took the best selling Washing Up Pad and based on significant customer feedback  created the Non-Scratch Scrubbing Pad.  This is designed to fit smaller hands better and to give more versatile scrubbing power.

Contains 85% Polyester / 15% Polyamide - Sponge 100% polyurethane

How to Use
Use as you would any scrubbing pad.  Wet surface to be cleaned and scrub using a small amount of dish washing liquid. 

Caring for the Non-Scratch Scrubbing Pad
A hot water rinse between uses is often enough for daily use.

Machine wash regularly on High heat.  Use a small amount of detergent and rinse well.  If too much detergent is used  wash again using only hot water or cleaning performance may be reduced.

Tumble or hang dry.

Do Not Use Bleach or Fabric Softener - Bleach will damages the fibers.  Fabric Softener inhibits the performance.  If fabric softener is used by mistake  rewash with a little detergent

These may also be boiled in water and baking soda for 10-15 minutes to clear fibers.