Seaside Sidekicks Creature
Seaside Sidekicks Creature

Seaside Sidekicks Creature

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Seaside Sidekicks Creature
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Brightly colored aquatic animals  a crab  an octopus  a seahorse  a sea star  a fish  and a turtle  are ready to play in the tub  at the beach or in the sandbox. Durable and easy to clean  these sea creatures are lots of fun in any environment!

Play set of 6 colorful plastic animals

Includes 6 aquatic friends: crab  octopus  seahorse  sea star  fish  and turtle

Bright colors are easy to spot in sand or water

Specially designed for little hands

Encourages imaginative play

Discover Countless Ways To Play

NAME THAT CREATURE: Give each sea creature a name and a personality and tell a story about where it lives and what it likes to do.

FISH OUT A FRIEND: Fill a bucket with water and toss the creatures in. Close your eyes  reach into the bucket and fish out one of them. Without peeking  try to guess which creature you caught!

CREATE A SCENE: Draw an ocean scene with a coral reef or a sunken pirate ship and have your creatures swim around it!