*Soft Shapes - Dinos
*Soft Shapes - Dinos

*Soft Shapes - Dinos

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*Soft Shapes - Dinos
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With foam pages and 4 removable foam dinosaur shapes  this is the perfect first puzzle book for bathtime  playtime  or anytime! Textures  shapes  and friendly prehistoric creatures keep kids engaged as they learn fun facts and say hello to a Stegosaurus  an Apatosaurus  a Triceratops  and a Tyrannosaurus rex! Pieces float or stick to the sides of the tub. Fit them back in the book  then read and play again!

Soft Shapes: Dinosaur foam puzzle book with removable animal pieces
Includes 1 Stegosaurus  1 Apatosaurus  1 Triceratops  and 1 Tyrannosaurus rex
Pieces float or stick to sides of tub
Foam pages and textured pieces are easy for small hands to grasp
Great gift for babies  ages 4 months to 2 years old  for hands-on  screen-free play
6.5' x 6.5' x 1.75'