Sort & Swipe Cash Register
Sort & Swipe Cash Register

Sort & Swipe Cash Register

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Sort & Swipe Cash Register
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This wooden cash register adds a clever educational spin to a classic pretend-play toy! Press the number buttons to see different counting pictures  then 'pay' for the purchase with numbered coins to match the quantities. The coins vary in diameter and thickness  so the 1 coin will only fit in the 1 slot  2 in 2  and 3 in 3 . . . all situated right above the scroll of pictures with quantities to match. For extra 'just like Mom and Dad' fun  kids can swipe a toy credit card too!

Wooden toy cash register for pretend play purchasing

Includes three durable play coins that fit in numbered slots  durable play credit card to swipe

Press levers to make wheels spin and to open cash drawer

Great for developing counting skills  fine motor skills; promotes imaginative play