SurprizeINK! - Pets
SurprizeINK! - Pets

SurprizeINK! - Pets

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SurprizeINK! - Pets
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On the Go Game Books make the perfect travel toys! Each of these fun-packed activity books for kids includes an invisible-ink marker that stores right in the front cover. Pop it out to color in scenes  complete crosswords  follow mazes  find hidden pictures and more . . . and see Surprize Ink images appear as you color! Includes 24 animal-themed pages  bound in a compact tablet format with a rigid back cover to support comfortable laptop coloring.

24 pages of 'magic-reveal' games and activities

'Magic' pen stores right in the cover!

Surprise pictures appear as you color!

Perfect for travel

Promotes fine motor skills  pre-writing skills  and cognitive dexterity.