Team Rocket Dammit Doll
Team Rocket Dammit Doll

Team Rocket Dammit Doll

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Team Rocket Dammit Doll
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CHARITABLE – Can’t handle being sick anymore? Slam your Team Rocket Cancer Doll on the floor! 50% of profit from this item goes to Cancer Treatment Programs.
HANDMADE – The Team Rocket Cancer Doll is constructed of a tough cotton exterior and stuffed with polyester fiber. Stitched together to keep the stuffing in no matter how hard you slam it.
MISSION – The mission is simple. 50% of the profits from the sale of Team Rocket Cancer Dolls benefit cancer treatment and provides a little stress relief for families living with cancer.
COMFORT – Dammit Dolls have brought comfort and hope to many families during their cancer treatments  whether through laughter  stress relief or something as simple as a smile. Anything to brighten their day!
CLASSIC – The classic Dammit Doll poem has been revamped for the very special Team Rocket Cancer Doll stress reliever.