Water Spray Bottle
Water Spray Bottle

Water Spray Bottle

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Water Spray Bottle
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Water is the key to proper cleaning with an e-cloth. We sell this water atomizer because we found that it delivers the perfect fine mist to provide the best possible clean with our full range of cloths from the General Purpose Cloth to the Deep Clean Mop

10-ounce water atomizer
Very fine mister for use with e-cloths
Ergonomic trigger design
Where to Use:  Use with your E-cloth® cleaning cloths wherever you take them.  The true chemical free cleaning reduces the use of paper towels and chemical cleaners creating a healthier home environment.

How to Use
Fill with water.  Squeeze ergonomic trigger to dispense fine mist perfect for use with e-cloth.

If mist does not come out when trigger is squeezed  check to ensure intake tube is snuggly attached to the sprayer.

Caring for your Water Atomizer
Empty the water atomizer after each use to ensure the water stays fresh and bacteria free.  From time to time rinse with hot water  air dry.