Water Wow - Around Town Deluxe
Water Wow - Around Town Deluxe

Water Wow - Around Town Deluxe

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Water Wow - Around Town Deluxe
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No-mess painting for kids! This exciting paint-with-water and seek-and-find activity book includes eight reusable pages  a refillable water pen  and red lens. Simply use the pen to color in each scene - details and vibrant color appear with every stroke! Let the page dry to erase the pictures and color it in again and again. Reveal hidden pictures with the water pen  then use the red lens to explore even more in the detailed scenes! The chunky-sized water pen and red lens are easy for kids to hold and store neatly right in the front cover  making this Deluxe Water WOW! an ideal travel activity book and travel toy for kids!

8 spiral-bound around town-themed coloring boards (toy shop  town maze  classroom  baseball game  fire station  grocery store  birthday party  beach)  refillable water pen  and red lens
Reusable pages are white with simple line drawings when dry; reveal colors and patterns when wet
Chunky-size water pen is easy to fill  easy to hold  stores in compact  spiral-bound book--great for travel
Reveal hidden images then use red lens to seek and find even more