Wooden Railway Set
Wooden Railway Set

Wooden Railway Set

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Wooden Railway Set
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This amazing wooden railway set includes everything needed for budding train enthusiasts: a spacious roundhouse engine shed  dozens of track pieces in curves and straights  trees  workers  traffic signs; multi-piece trains; magnetic-tipped cranes; switches and a T-junction for changing course; suspension bridge  trestle bridge  and roundtable  too! With more than 130 pieces  it's a tremendous value! Mix and match with other train sets--it's compatible with all popular wooden railway systems.

Wooden Railway Set includes a six-piece freight train with cargo  a four-piece passenger train  and a three-piece flatbed truck with cargo
Includes easy-to-follow instructions for four different track configurations
3+ years
17'H x 5'L x 28'W Packaged
100 wooden track sections and supports  and over 30 accessories
Compatible with other wooden railway systems
Exceptional quality and value