Wooden Town Play Set
Wooden Town Play Set

Wooden Town Play Set

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Wooden Town Play Set
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Build a world filled with imagination  block by block! This wooden 32-piece play set includes everything needed to create a miniature streetscape--12 buildings (including fire and police stations  a recycling center  service station  house  and more)  nine street signs (Stop  One Way  Speed Limit  Yield  etc.)  trees  fences  and walls. The brightly colored shaped solid wood pieces stand approximately one to three inches high. Flat sides  attention to detail  and bright colors make this set great for stacking  sorting  counting  setting up  and knocking down. Designed to play perfectly with Melissa & Doug activity rugs  kids three and older will also have endless fun and playing with the set independently or combining it with other play pieces  toy cars  and figures. Pieces store neatly in a divided wooden tray.

32-piece set of wooden streetscape 'blocks' to create a town

Includes 12 buildings  such as police and fire stations  hospital  service station  recycling center  and more

Also includes nine traffic signs  8 trees  a brick wall  picket fence  and park benches with fountain

Brightly colored solid wood pieces store neatly in divided wooden tray

3+ years

Discover Countless Ways To Play
Ask the child to identify the colors on each play piece  starting with the trees and traffic signs. Challenge the child to choose a sign or tree  name the colors on it  and then to find buildings that feature the same colors.

Have the child identify the different shapes of the signs (circle  triangle  square  rectangle  pentagon  octagon). Talk about what each sign means and why road signs are important.

Ask the child to sort the pieces into groups--signs  buildings  trees  and 'other'--and to count the pieces in each group. Ask which group has the most pieces (12 buildings) and which has the least (3 'other'--fountain  fence  and wall).

Ask the child to identify the pieces that have words on them  such as the grocery mart  pet shop  recycling center  stop sign  speed limit sign  etc. Ask the child to find and point to letters in the alphabet as you say them aloud (for example  the child might point to the 'A' in 'DEPARTMENT ' the 'G' in 'RECYCLING ' or an 'R' in the railroad crossing sign).

On a hard  flat surface  challenge the child to stack the pieces in different ways. For instance: all of the buildings laying flat; all of the buildings standing up; as many signs as possible; restaurant  Do Not Enter sign  fence  two pine trees  and school; or all the pieces with yellow on them. See how high the child can build a tower of pieces and what different shapes and designs he or she can create! Take turns stacking pieces  trying to build a tower as high as possible before it topples over.

Have the child use the pieces to set up set up a streetscape. Use string  yarn  blocks  or chalk (if surface is erasable) to create streets  and add other toys and play pieces the child already has  such as vehicles  animal figures  play people  or chunky puzzle pieces. Ask the child to take you 'on a tour' of the town he or she has created. Ask him or her to tell you where to go to mail a letter  put gas in the car  buy groceries  or drop off empty cans and bottles. Take turns telling a story about people who live and work in the town.