About Us

Welcome to our haven!  Jay and Garek, the owner's of The Hen House, offer a truly one of a kind experience from the moment you open the door.  We have a multitude of fabulous, well crafted products for everyone that are sure to impress. We offer many different items everything from Home Decor for every season, Fine Florals, Handbags, Children’s Toys & Books, Kitchen Essentials, Olivelle Oils & Balsamic Vinegars, Pillows & Blankets, loads of Candies, Candles (scented & moving flame), Clocks, Wall Art, Bath & Body items, tons and tons of Giftable items, and so much more. With our on-site Peckish Cafe & Bar, lunch, snacks, and a cocktail are an added treat to your experience... Jay and Garek and the staff of the Hen House look forward to seeing you and are happy to help at anytime.